Here we are in the most amazing place on the planet. I sat watching the sunset alone at the Edge, overlooking the Labyrinth with my faithful dog "Jumble". A gentleman came along who had visited my gallery with his wife the day before (from Cape Town). He said "hi" . I said I was working up a thirst for a beer. He offered to bring me one and I said thanks but no it's ok. Anyway he returned with a bottle of bubbly and a glass. "Here, enjoy, take it home if you wish and by the way we would like to buy one of your pictures." I went home to get Suneya to join me and share. Came back to the Edge, meeting Tim/ Sonja Willats, Elena/ Bruce Jourbert who where sitting in the garden, then later Eloise and a friend. Wow, good company, laughter, wonderful scenery all from sitting on a seat watching the sun go down whilst drinking bubbly, I love it.

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Comment by Maggie Verster on August 19, 2009 at 22:02
HI Ken,

I think that is what make Hogsback truly special. Not just the scenery but also the people!!!

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