I attended the Ha-man show last night at the Edge and I must say I am glad that I finally got to see him and Lahra in action. A real inspirational treat!
I was a bit disappointed with the small number of people attending but then thought that it was, after all, a Sunday night when most sensible (and we are all so sensible here ;-) ) Hogsbackians retreat into warm beds or take in the Sunday night movie on DSTV. Also, I would imagine that Francois’s eclectic brand of symphonic music could possibly be suitable to discerning ears only!

He started off with some mystical sounds and harmonies which floated pictures of birds sweeping through the air and crescendo-ed into an Afrikaner anthem, which I really thought was absolutely rousing and magnificent! Loved it! One of the pieces reminded me of my past project and sounded like feet running frantically with highs and lows, desperation here and there, as well as a point of closure. I actually had an inward giggle about how the music moved me through my last few busy months in my mind. This reminded me that music is indeed the picture canvass of our ears.

Which brings me to his incorporation of video footage alongside his music. I can't decide whether I liked it or not. Apart from a few minor hiccups with the video and sound interference, it gave context to his symphonic interpretations with stunning visual imaging. In places I felt though that it deprived me of my own visual explorations and interfered with the global magnitude of his music. In other places I enjoyed his experimentation with moving stills and video and it definitely provided for a richer experience. I would like to see him do this more seamlessly!

The impossible pass was a hilarious insight into the condition of roads here in Hogsback and I have to take my hat of to the brave car pretending to be a 4x4! He finished off with a glimpse into his Knysna Forrest elephant symphony (definitely a symphony of note by the sounds of it) and we ran out of time to really appreciate it. I am looking forward to seeing the final product on TV!

So yes I had a Ha! time - which also brings me to a question I asked him during interval. Somehow I thought that being the Ha-man, he would be oh so ha-ha funny! So anyone going to see him with expectations of having a rip roaring laughing time will be surprised to find a serious musician whose music will assuredly stand the test of time!

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Comment by Alroy Welsh on April 21, 2009 at 2:03
Excellent Attempt! You are a Champion Not a quitter.

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