I wish I could stop time......

We (me, Sandra and niece Elrieka) arrived in Hogsback on Sunday night and it is now Thursday and I do not have a clue where the time flew!

What did we do on Monday? Let me try to remember. Oh yes we had a walk in the garden and then discovered that we do not have hot water. The blessing of life in Hogsback is that things go with the flow of the seasons and apparently the frost and snow of two weeks earlier (it always snow before and after I arrive/go), cracked the hot water pipe. So me and Sandra wandered down to Alice (that is the town called Alice, as we are living next door to Alice, really- Hogsback is 30km up the mountain and I look out over the valley down to Alice....) to go and buy the necessary stuff for fixing pipes. We also discovered that Alice now have a Super Duper Spar. Wow, progress. This means that I do not have to drive all the way to Ford Beauford for groceries supplies. Very cool indeed!

Anycase, on the way back we popped into Lyndsey and Peter's (my neighbours) place for a cuppa and caught up on what happened to her foot (she kicked Peter- as there is not a lot to do in Hoggies- or was it the dog? Or ice? Or too much whiskey and ice? Can't remember....). Monday going going gone....

Then Tuesday. By this time my Hoggie twitter stream followers (all one of them) have figured that I was "in town". So we went to check on what is happening with my protégée, @Gaylinu and played with her new digital toys, a smart board thingie that can be operated on any surface- cool. I think she probably had a tense moment when I embraced her magic pen and started making the technology my own! Okay, time for chocolate cake and seeing that I paid my niece off not to tell my dietician about a few ...uhmmm...indulgences (like a whole packet of koeksisters), we set off for a hot drink and cake at the Edge. We did walk half a labyrinth to enhance the cake metabolism and I even walked to the edge of the edge. Lots of healthy exercise and fresh mountain air. It inspired me so much that I even did an evening meal ...with salad!

We set off early on Wednesday morning for Grahamstown to take in a bit of culture which of cause cannot be cultural without a healthy dose of cultural shopping. I brought back a cow with plates and teapots all over it as well as a T shirt for hubbie that says "Zuma stick fighting academy-traditional zulu techniques" . He will be thrilled with it!

We decided that we do not feel like anything depressing and chose two comedy shows. "Laugh" by David Newton was just the right medicine and after a while my stomach was hurting so much that the thought crossed my mind that maybe laughter is not the best medicine. I also learnt that when men fart they share a special moment with you. Yeahhh sure. I smell something fishy. Mark Sampson's "Feels funny" brought in some life experiences (other than bodily functions) and looked at the ups and downs in life from a more humorous perspective. Excellent. We soaked up a little more Grahamstown vibes, went looking for a computer shop which by some miracle stock broadband modems but retuned to Hogsback without any solutions to our lack of connectivity. What the hell, paradise is a good place to be disconnected! We caught a bite at the Hogsback Inn (had a special going on the chicken schnitzel) and were treated to an impromptu comedy show by the local pastor lady, Margaret (something about an angel with a xmas tree up her bum)

So here we are in Thursday and my stomach muscles are stiff and soar. Too much comedy I think. Ticia drifted in and out and insisted that I focus not much luck there and she left in desperation. We still have sporadic moments of connectivity- I guess that I am not meant to work here. Then tried to make it a pure pyjama day, but Sandra got a spurt of energy and walked into town. I had to go and rescue her at our new quaint bistro eatie placie "Happy hogs" where hog bakers conjured up fantastic carrot cake and milk tart- just the thing to counter act any calorie loss she might have suffered on her way into town. We met up with Sonia and Tim's adoring grand- squirrels and their imaginary cats and felt right at home- Hogsback open air asylum is still alive and well and running around eating carrot cake.

I also learnt that the whole of Hogsback has had a shift -around about and everybody has moved on and around. Old faces in new places and new faces in old places and I realised that even in Hogsback, everything changes when you turn your back. Oh yes I must mention that the very reason why I ran away from Joburg was to get away from road works. Well guess what, it followed me here. Big machines were grading and flattening the road with 15 minute delays- go figure and I wonder where the time went. Must confess, the main road has never looked so good. I miss the big holes- no excitement.

So we are now ensconced next to the fire and seeing that I have no connection, I am typing this using a web 1 tool (word processor) and will endeavour to publish it to the web using smoke signals. I am putting another log on the fire- hopefully I will get this through before I run out of wood.

Tomorrow is Friday and we leave on Sunday. Do I really have to come out of hiding??

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