Alas, all magic moments have a limited shelf life and I find myself back in Joburg hankering after a chilled (quite cold and laid back) existence in Hogsback. Yes, I know, we have to return to reality at some point. But that does not mean that I cannot lament the fact. I will moan and grown till I get to go back again in two weeks time. At least this time I have something to look forward to.

Where was I again? Oh yes the last time I did a Hoggie reflection was on Thursday via smoke signals as connectivity in Hoggies was non existent. I got a ticket in the Hogsback main road on Friday, I kid you not!! The local police set up a roadblock (yes no kidding) and pulled me over. I was on a mad site seeing ramble through Hogsback as I had visitors from Bloemfontein who wanted to do the Hogsback thing in about an hour flat. So we descended to the bottom of my garden, took pics, checked out the stream, took pics, charged down the Swallowstail trail, posed for a pic, and then were on our way to quickly go and *run* the labarynth at the Edge, when we got stopped in our tracks. I thought the police just wanted to chat and say halo as Hoggies is a very friendly place. But no- Got a ticket. Not wearing my seatbelt. I kept telling the officer that this is my backyard and that I am not in the habit of wearing a seatbelt around my garden paths, but he took my license and proceeded to write a ticket. I was later informed by Gaylin, that we now have a new police chief in Hoggies and he is on a crusade to clean up the town. Great. I did notice that the hog-sellers where not as persistent as usual and the town did look cleaner….

We frequented my favourite eatery, Nutwoods, on Friday night and as always had a five star meal to die for. The prawn cocktail kicked off the start to a culinary delight which was followed by the cauliflower and Roquefort soup- very special. The main meal of pork fillet was juicy and tender and the desert was a combination of 3 delicate taste sensations. The portions were, as always, too generous. I did miss my good wine with such a splendid meal as JD “forgot” to give me the cellar key. Mmmmm.

Willaim sulking as I stole his party, with Peter in a thinking mood and Lindsey saying something important (cant remember what it was)Saterday, our last day in paradise. We decided to throw ourselves a dinner party in order to make space in the deep freeze. I then proceeded to highjack William and Kathy (from next door)’s dinner party and stole all their guests. Considering that I did not have any wine, I swapped William some Windhoeks for 2 bottles of champagne. Peter and William beware! Lying to me about the Bulls losing to the Lions is not good form and next time I will poison the soup.

Hogsback went into mourning about our eminent departure and cried gently all through the night. I was hoping that it will give us a cold shoulder and snow us in, but alas, we left early on Sunday morning in the mist.

But I will be back for Christmas in July……..10 more sleepies.

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