Now that you are here, there are lots for you to do....


Update your profile and check your settings

Your profile give everybody a quick reference point of who you are and how you fit into our Hogsback community . You are most welcome to go back regularly to add information to the About Me...

  • To update your settings and profile, click on " My settings" to the top right of your screen, you will see your profile account settings (please check)
  • Upload a photo of yourself (No not the one in your bikini!) by
    • Clicking on Browse button--> Navigate to your photo on your computer/flashdrive--> and double-click on it
  • Check your e-mail address, it is the key to being able to log into the network. Also remember your password!!!
  • Please enter your real name. This is a community and we will not tolerate aliases or ghost people!
  • Enter your birthday and choose whether you want your birthday to be displayed. It is a good idea to choose to display your birthday as we can then all wish you a happy birthday!!
  • You can choose if you want your age to be displayed. Preferably NOT!
  • Choose if you want your gender to be displayed.
  • Choose your country! Click on S to get to South Africa quickly
  • Complete the profile questions and remember those not marked with a lock will be publicly visible
    • Enter your website address (if you have one)
    • Fill in why you love Hogsback (we do not want anybody who do not love Hogsback in our community....)

Upload a few photos

Go on, upload a few photo's of our favourite place. Photos will give visitors to our community an instant viewpoint of how incredible this place and its people are! If you have a photo account at
Flickr (photo sharing site) you can even import a folder from there. You can also add photos straight from your cellphone! Very cool.

  • Click on the Photos tab at the top.
  • Click on Add photos link to the top right
  • Click on the Camera - it will open up the navigation window of your computer, scroll to where the photos are that you want to load
  • Click on the photo(s) that you want to load (to load a lot- hold down CTRL on your keyboard while you click on each photo) and click on the Upload button.
  • Optional but important: Add a title, description, and other information to the photos you just uploaded. It is quite frustrating to look at a photo out of context - just a good title will be great!
  • Please TAG your photos to make it easier for everybody to find. eg "accommodation", "self-catering ", "dog friendly"
    • Bind more than 1 word together with "..." and separate different tags with a comma.
  • You are allowed to create albums to organise your photos, Just click on "add to album" on the RHS (Right Hand Side) of each photo and go for it! You can even add other people's photos to your albums!
  • Once you have uploaded your photos, you can even embed the slideshow in other places, websites, Facebook, blogs....
  • To view other people's photos, just go to their page (or the photo tab at the top) and click on "view photos

How does this "comment" thing work?

Comments are a form of "out loud" public communication. It is a quick way to leave a message for someone and forms the backbone of the community. The comment wall can be viewed by everyone going to a person's page, photos, videos, etc. To give people a quick message...(Leave a message on their comment wall.). Make sure that you are on Their wall and not on your own!

  • Just click on their name (that will take you to their page)
  • Scroll down to their comment wall and post a comment. If they have chosen to be notified by e-mail of comments and posts, they will get notification, click back to their page and go and read the message that you have left there on their page.
  • If they now reply to your comment (by clicking the Comment back link on their page wall), the comment will appear on your page. You can now Comment back till the cows come home and if you wnat to view the whole discussion, just click
    on the View thread link
    • Again: :-) Comment you make will be on the other person's page
    • Replies to your comments, will be on your page
  • You can always go and see all the comments and who they were made to by clicking on the comments links on the LHS of a person's page.


If you want a chronological discussion, use the discussion feature. People can then reply to your discussion/topic by hitting Reply and the whole discussion can then be read in chronological order. If a discussion takes place in a private group, only the members will be able to reply and read the discussions. Discussions are great for announcing things...well basically anything. We can sue it to talk to one another....

Eg. The rates and taxes issue.... If we have a discussion about it, it will stay in the network and anybody who has been left out of the loop could then go and read the discussion thread and "catch up" . It also becomes a history of
what has transpired. '

So you can use a discussion for:

  • Arrangements for a meeting/event
  • Ask for help
  • The sky is the limit....


What is blogging

A blog is an online web journal but it can be used for SOOO much more! I would personally like to see more lovely Hogsback stories here. There are so many interesting story tellers here. It is also a great place to reflect on life
here in hogsback. See Maggie's reflection of

Christmas in July

You can post ....
  • Anything more personal/story-like really!
  • A tutorial like this one
  • An information page on your hobbie/B&B
  • Tell interesting stories on your life in Hogsback/people in Hogsback
  • Use it as a place to organise your links to other interesting sites
  • Create blog posts about events at your business!!!!!!
  • You can also embed videos, slideshows and photos in your blog
  • To see a more detailed explanation of what blogging is and how to blog, click here

Other questions:

Why does not all blogs/discussions show up on the main page?

Usually the latest blogs/discussions/interactions will show up on the main network page, but the network administrators and moderators can decide to feature certain blog posts/discussions/photos etc which then take preference.

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