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Graham's lovely photos on flickr

I was looking at Graham's photos and want to embed it here....

Really inspiring stuff. Waht do you… Continue

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Thinking back on a magical Christmas in July

Did it really happen? Can a place truly be so magical?

I am yet again back in Joburg and after an especially hectic few weeks I am stopping to pause (due to a lovely poem written by one of my twitter friends). I cannot believe that I have not reflected on the magic time I had in my favourite place. So here it is.…


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Back Home

Alas, all magic moments have a limited shelf life and I find myself back in Joburg hankering after a chilled (quite cold and laid back) existence in Hogsback. Yes, I know, we have to return to reality at some point. But that does not mean that I cannot lament the fact. I will moan and grown till I get to go back again in two weeks time. At least this time I have something to look forward to.

Where was I again? Oh yes the last time I did a Hoggie reflection was on Thursday… Continue

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Hiding in Hogsback

I wish I could stop time......

We (me, Sandra and niece Elrieka) arrived in Hogsback on Sunday night and it is now Thursday and I do not have a clue where the time flew!

What did we do on Monday? Let me try to remember. Oh yes we had a walk in the garden and then discovered that we do not have hot water. The blessing of life in Hogsback is that things go with the flow of the seasons and apparently the frost and snow of two weeks earlier (it always snow before and… Continue

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The HA!man experience in Hogsback

I attended the Ha-man show last night at the Edge and I must say I am glad that I finally got to see him and Lahra in action. A real inspirational treat!

I was a bit disappointed with the small number of people attending but then thought that it was, after all, a Sunday night when most sensible (and we are all so sensible here ;-) ) Hogsbackians retreat into warm beds or take in the Sunday night movie on DSTV. Also, I would imagine that Francois’s eclectic brand of symphonic… Continue

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An evening to remember: Mikado Bravo

Find more photos like this on Hogsback Community Network

Had the most enjoyable evening in Hogsback at Hobbiton where the East Cape Opera company kicked off their annual Operetta "The Mikado" in great abundance.

I was layered in clothes to warn the cold off (bottom layer my thermal pyjamas + my sheep skin slippers) Now where else can you go and catch some real culture dressed in… Continue

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A buzzy week in Hogsback

Graham & JD cooking breakfast Coming back to Hogsback was especially wonderful for me seeing that my son decided to join us. He brought with him a buzzy new girlfriend and lots of enthusiasm for all the walks. Jd's niece, Nicole and her hubbie, Graham, also decided to join us as they are “in between projects” and needed some inspiration!

We started off, as I said with lots of enthusiasm for all the walks (why am I stressing this point?). Of course, we first had to show off our delightful garden…


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Wobbits in Hogsback

The wobbits at work During last week I was so fortunate to do a Web 2.0 workshop in my favourite place. It was quite a daunting prospect as Gaylin has asked me to do it for a mixed group of Hogsbakians which consisted of children from the age of 11 to a few hobbits (Hogsback characters of undisclosed age). So I actually ended up having a sleepless night worrying how I will be able to keep the attention of such a diverse group.

But I did not have to worry. I thought that Hogsback only had…


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A brave world

This video is my top inspirational video. If I feel like moaning, I just have a look at it!!!

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