Anyone wishing to make a cash donation to the rebuilding and furnishing of the Chapel should liaise with the Treasurer, Quinton Dick,
who may be contact on , tel International +27 45 962 1238 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +27 45 962 1238      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or in SA
(045) 962 1238

Bank account:
Name of account: St Patrick's Council
Account no 519 1000 9690
FNB Branch no 210 419.

Second Statement on the Fire that burned down St Patrick-on-the-Hill, Hogsback
Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Fire that burned down the beloved Hogsback Chapel at 8:30 pm on Sunday 20 June 2010 traumatised the community and further afield. Messages of condolence and support poured in, help was offered and donations made for the re-building of the Chapel. A tangible feeling of loss has been coupled with a determination to re-build. The Police forensic unit investigated the incident, the insurers have assessed the damage. We feel confident that we are covered but will need greater resources in the re-building process. Media statements and reports to members have kept the community and public aware of progress.
The Council met today along with the Bishop and Administrator of the Diocese of Grahamstown to pray, to deal with the loss and to consider the way forward. The Bishop’s presence was a comfort and his words an inspiration. We are determined to pick ourselves up and to make even better what was destroyed. We thank all for the powerful support we have already received in the form of phone calls, emails, donations and offers for help. The following is planned.
1. Workparty: Thursday 24 June 2010 at 9:30 at the chapel in order to clear the debris and find remnants that can be used to remember the old chapel.
2. Venue for Future Services: the service this Sunday – 27 June 2010 – will be Anglican and will be held at 10:00 upstairs at the Inn. We will use the Inn as our church venue for the foreseeable future and we hope to share with The Vineyard Church on occasion. We understand if brides would like to change their wedding plans altogether but we shall try to arrange alternatives.
3. Re-Building: We shall have a special Vestry meeting after the service in 21/2 weeks time – 11 July 2010 – to consider plans for the future. We hope to have plans drawn up within the next few months so that building can start before the end of the year. We invite not only members of the congregation but also members of the community to attend and suggest ideas for re-building. We appeal to community members to feel part of the process. In the re-building we would like to capture the beauty and intimacy of the Chapel as well as involving the whole community in the process. In this way we hope to reach a level of unity at Hogsback never before seen so that good comes out of this crisis. The outcome must capture not only the past but also the spirit of good will at present. We shall approach an architect for advice.
4. Donations: We welcome offers of donations to furnish the church and money to build the new church. Donations can be sent to The St Patrick’s Chapel Council, FNB Account No 519 1000 9690, branch no 210 419. Donations can be made of a general nature or they can be for an item like a hymn book or a pew and be inscribed. We hope that the generosity of all will be channelled to resurrect a new chapel which will do justice to the beauty and heritage of the old and be representative of the whole community.
Thank you for your enormous good will and support.
Trevor Webster
Chapel Warden

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Third Statement with regard the Fire and the Re-building of St Patrick's
Chapel, Hogsback

It is now two weeks since the fire destroyed the St Patrick's Chapel on Sunday 22 June 2010. I should like to let you know the progress that has been made. We have been overwhelmed with the support, help and donations from the community and further afield. Donations can be sent to St Patrick's Chapel Council, FNB Account No 519 1000 9690, branch No 210 419. Donations have already reached R25 400. Please state your name and address.

I know you will be pleased to know that we are able to build on the original walls, according to a structural engineer's report that we commissioned. Our architect is drawing up plans for the Chapel to be re-built as before with thatch using fire-proofing and to include sunlights and to increase the number of pews hopefully to 90. We hope the finished product will have the original intimacy and beauty we have all come to cherish. We plan to extend the vestry to accommodate a safe, to increase the size of the foyer to accommodate community occasions like weddings and funerals and to build a retaining wall on the southern side below the church which will show the view of the valley. This experience has
demonstrated the great love the local community has for the Chapel. We hope that it will lead to greater Christian unity, especially including the HUCF.

The Council Meeting on 20 July 2010 will decide exactly the way forward, after which we will call for tenders to build, to thatch and to do the woodwork (flooring, pews, lectern). If you have any ideas please let me have them before the Vestry Meeting on Sunday 11 July 2010.

As in 1992 when the extensions were built, we are using the Hogsback Inn for our services at 10:00 on a Sunday.

The Council and ministers are very appreciative of your tremendous support.

Thank you.

Trevor Webster

Chapel Warden

5 July 2010

PS Attached pictures: the day after; 1992 builder Fred Tyler and Archdeacon Canon Cook; Architect John Kingsley-HAll, Engineer Hamish Scott and Councillor Rob Macpherson

Phone: 045 952 1147 or 072 990 0646


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