There was a discussion - I don't recall whether it was under 'groups' or 'forum' between Ulrike and others re getting maps of Hogsback and east London, and there was some confusion as to under which municipality Hogsback falls. If I may shed some light:

A decent map for East London can be found at Google Maps or are street layouts for Hogsback but there are no street names. Similarly there's a surprising amount of detail available on Google Earth for Hogsback but again, no street names. Most business owners are already shown on Google Earth and the simplest thing woud be to print out the section that you need...

Re municipalities, Hogsback falls under Fort Beaufort. All plans and planning applications though are done at EAst London as FB don't have the means. That makes things complicated. If you're looking for erf diagrams and maps of erven, street reserves etc it would be ebst to contact a private planning consultancy like Tshani in East London, or surveyors in King eg Haines Palmer Reabow.

I've dug out an A4 map of Hogsback that includes all the erf numbers. It looks like a scan or photocopy. Give me a few days/weeks and I'll to track down the source...

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hi Peter, just want to know whether you ever located a Hogsback erven map. On Saturday I was going through some of my old papers, and found a map that was done about 25 years ago by Rob Bellad-Ellis. Unsure whether there are any updates. regards, Tobie

Hi Tobias, I don't believe that there is a digitised version of the town plan - Tshani Consulting in EL did the planning for a carved up HBack in about 1995, but there's also a surveying company in King Williams Town (Haines palmer Reabow as above) who have most of thre amatolas covered and could well have a survey of the HB. Also you'd expect the 'chamber of commerce' or whatever they're called in HB to have more accurate records of titles, servitudes etc, and there's a board up for an EIA on Summerton land that might lead to a plan of some sort. The problem obviously reverts back to the existence, or not, of local authority data - where the roads and services, boundaries etc lie, and I suspect that even if there were to be a consultant-generated 'accurate' GIS-tabled set of data/plans, any attempt to utilise this in proposing new development of any sort to the local authority would be futile. My advice to anyone wanting to build in Hogsback would be to look at the nature of the village, try not to stuff it up in their new design, keep the work simple as their aren't skilled contractors out there, send three copies of the porposed work to Forrt Beaufort via a courier (require confirmation of receipt), wait six weeks and start building - yo're likely to never see or hear from a building inspector, so as long as your neighbours are happy, you're ok. I don't know if this helps anyone...

Thanks a lot Peter. This info is very handy! rgds Tobie


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